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Developer of stakeholder relationship management software designed to manage and engage stakeholders without tying up a team or overwhelming them with huge amounts of data. The company's easy-to-use stakeholder engagement tool creates customized fields and set up automatic notification and escalation rules to track all the grievances and complaints while generating useful and sophisticated stakeholder management reports that include response times, issue trends, maps of grievances by issue and more, enabling businesses to effectively understand, manage and engage all their stakeholders.

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Darzin Software Revenue

In 2021, Darzin Software revenue run rate hit $931.5K in revenue.


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Darzin Software has 0 customers.

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Darzin Software has 19 employees.


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Allison Hendricks

Community and stakeholder relationship management expert | Director @ Darzin Software & Simply Stakeholders. With over two decades’ experience in stakeholder relationship management and stakeholder engagement, she is considered one of Australia’s leading experts in the space. From 1991 to 2004, she worked as a stakeholder management and community engagement consultant, serving government and corporate clients, all around Australia. In 2004, she founded Darzin Software, because an increasing number of her clients were asking for better ways to manage the vast volume of data generated from managing stakeholders. Then in 2018, her team and her built a sister product to Darzin, called Simply Stakeholders. Today, Darzin is the world’s most powerful suite of stakeholder engagement and management tools. And both products are recognised as industry-leading products for stakeholder data analysis, worldwide. We’re constantly developing them to meet the evolving needs of our client base.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Darzin Software

When was Darzin Software founded?

Darzin Software was founded in 2004.

Who is the CEO of Darzin Software?

The CEO of Darzin Software is Allison Hendricks

How many employees does Darzin Software have?

Darzin Software has 19 employees.

How much revenue does Darzin Software generate?

Darzin Software generates $931.5K in revenue.

How much funding does Darzin Software have?

Darzin Software has raised $0.0.

Where is Darzin Software headquarters?

Darzin Software is headquartered at Ponta Grossa

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