HCL Software revenue hit $654.2M in 2024

HCL Software generates revenue from 100000000 customers

HCL Software

Waltham, Massachusetts, 2451, United States

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How HCL Software hit $654.2M revenue and 100M customers in 2020.

HCL Technologies Software Division (HCLTechSW) is a subsidiary of HCL Technologies, a global technology company headquartered in India. HCLTechSW offers a wide range of software products and services, including enterprise software solutions, engineering and R&D services, digital and analytics services, and cybersecurity services. The company serves clients across various industries, such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications, among others. With a global presence in over 50 countries, HCLTechSW has a diverse workforce of over 21,000 professionals who help their clients leverage technology to drive innovation and growth.






2020 Revenue







HCL Software Revenue

In 2020, HCL Software revenue run rate hit $654.2M in revenue.

  • 2020

    HCL Software hit $654.2M in revenue in 2020

  • 2019

    HCL Software hit $586.2M in revenue in 2019

  • 1992

    HCL Software launched in 1992 with $0 revenue

HCL Software Funding History

  • 1999

    HCL Software raised a of in November, 1999

November, 29 1999


HCL Software has 661 total employees and 56 sales reps that carry a quota. They have 100,000,000 customers an engineering team of 50 and a marketing team of 13.

Total team size 661
Engineer 50 (8%)
Sales 56 (8%)
Marketing 13 (2%)

Founder / CEO

Mark Ling


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HCL Software Executives

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Mark Ling CEO - -

HCL Software Employees

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Mark Ling CEO - -

Frequently Asked Questions about HCL Software

  • When was HCL Software founded?

    HCL Software was founded in 1992.

  • How much revenue does HCL Software generate?

    HCL Software generates $654.2M in revenue.

  • Who is the CEO of HCL Software

    The CEO of HCL Software is Mark Ling.

  • How much funding does HCL Software have?

    HCL Software raised $6.8M.

  • How many employees does HCL Software have?

    HCL Software has 661 employees.

  • Where is HCL Software headquarters?

    HCL Software is headquartered at Waltham, Massachusetts, 2451, United States

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