Idwall revenue hit $31.5M in 2024

Idwall generates revenue from 300 customers


Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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How Idwall hit $31.5M revenue and 300 customers in 2023.

Idwall develops software to help small and medium-sized businesses in customer credentialing process.






2023 Revenue







Idwall Revenue

In 2023, Idwall revenue run rate hit $31.5M in revenue.

  • 2023

    Idwall hit $31.5M in revenue in 2023

  • 2021

    Idwall hit $23.7M in revenue in 2021

  • 2019

    Idwall hit $9.7M in revenue in 2019

  • 2016

    Idwall launched in 2016 with $0 revenue

Idwall Funding History

  • 2021

    Idwall raised a of in May, 2021

  • 2019

    Idwall raised a of in November, 2019

  • 2018

    Idwall raised a of in March, 2018

  • 2017

    Idwall raised a of in March, 2017

  • 2016

    Idwall raised a of in October, 2016

May, 31 2021
November, 05 2019
March, 01 2018
March, 17 2017
October, 20 2016


Idwall has 366 total employees and 23 sales reps that carry a quota. They have 300 customers an engineering team of 39 and a marketing team of 6.

Total team size 366
Engineer 39 (11%)
Sales 23 (6%)
Marketing 6 (2%)

Founder / CEO

Lincoln Ando

Founder at idwall | MIT Innovator Under 35 | Forbes 30 under 30


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Idwall Executives

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Lincoln Ando CEO [email protected] -

Idwall Employees

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Lincoln Ando CEO [email protected] -

Frequently Asked Questions about Idwall

  • When was Idwall founded?

    Idwall was founded in 2016.

  • How much revenue does Idwall generate?

    Idwall generates $31.5M in revenue.

  • Who is the CEO of Idwall

    The CEO of Idwall is Lincoln Ando.

  • How much funding does Idwall have?

    Idwall raised $51.8M.

  • How many employees does Idwall have?

    Idwall has 366 employees.

  • Where is Idwall headquarters?

    Idwall is headquartered at Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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