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How Medimojo hit $2.1M in Revenue.

About Medimojo

Operator of a health analytics company designed to provide a cloud-based electronic health record platform. The company's cloud-based electronic health record platform is designed to store, track and manage health records and also offer features like storage accessibility and doctor connect for evidence-based consultancy, enabling users to be aware of health outcomes by early detection and evidence based treatment.

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New DelhiDelhiIndia

Medimojo Revenue

In 2021, Medimojo revenue run rate hit $2.1M in revenue.


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Medimojo has 0 customers.

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Medimojo has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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Medimojo has 25 employees. They have 1 sales rep that carries a quota They have an engineering team of 4. and a marketing team of 1.


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4 (16%)


1 (4%)


1 (4%)


Shikha Suman

Dr. Shikha Suman is a women serial entrepreneur who is working towards revolutionising the healthcare sector with the help of data analytics. She is a PhD from IIT Kanpur. Currently she is Founder & CEO Medimojo. This is her second venture. Prior to this she was Founder & CEO Sampling Research Pvt. Ltd which was one of the top 10 in the country. She was recipient of Axis bank Digital women award in 2015. Dr. Suman come from a small town in Bihar and the first girl in the family to go to a convent school for an “English” education, and probably one of the first in my community, to start her own business! When she completed her PhD in Technology Management from IIT Kanpur, she was crystal clear about her future. She wanted to do something on my own. Unlike many of her peers, she knew she wanted to play with numbers and drag out an abstract report from them to help companies grow. This is why she jumped into the gigantic ocean of research industry to provide niche scientific methodology to my clients and not just data collection service that many of the other research companies were doing. Thus came into existence ‘Sampling Research’, which she founded single-handedly in 2010 and we are currently among one top ten Market Research companies in India. Even though Sampling Research grew leaps and bound, I was unsure about its scale and felt, she cant take this to the next level. She wanted to do something in Healthcare space and from consumer side. She started looking at pain points that patients face in India, and founded Medimojo in 2015. Apart from working on her startups, she love travelling and cooking. She is a homemaker and she proudly calls herself mompreneur.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Medimojo

When was Medimojo founded?

Medimojo was founded in 2015.

Who is the CEO of Medimojo?

The CEO of Medimojo is Shikha Suman

How many employees does Medimojo have?

Medimojo has 25 employees.

How much revenue does Medimojo generate?

Medimojo generates $2.1M in revenue.

How much funding does Medimojo have?

Medimojo has raised $0.0.

Where is Medimojo headquarters?

Medimojo is headquartered at New DelhiDelhiIndia

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