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Latka collected this data by interviewing Perxtech CEO Anna Gong on 10/01/2019

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Perxtech Revenue vs Funding



In 2019, Perxtech revenue run rate hit $5.0M in revenue.


Funding History

Perxtech has raised $11.1M.

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Perxtech has 33 customers.

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Perxtech has an annual churn rate of 0%

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Perxtech has 62 employees.






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3 (5%)


Anna Gong

I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the best of both worlds, 5 startups and 3 MNCs in the last 20 years in the enterprise software space solving mission critical business problems. After 12 years in San Francisco and working with some of the brightest entrepreneurs, engineers, VCs, and tech leaders, I transitioned what a 2 year contract to Asia has now turned into 10 years, having mostly based in Singapore and Japan. The excitement continues, especially now that I’m leading my own startup in Singapore and expanding rapidly across geographies. Currently, we are experiencing pent up demand for consumer engagement and loyalty solutions from SMEs to large enterprises, trying to meet their customers' rising digital expectations and also to solve their direct to consumer data play. Perx Technologies is addressing the B2B2C space where the business stakeholders are more pressured to deliver revenue than ever before. I’ve worked with traditional IT leaders and stakeholders for many years and now we see a trend where business stakeholders are driving more tech spend with new SaaS and agile plug n play data platforms to help transform revenue models to differentiate their journeys to become lifestyle and content rich companies, improve customer experience and real time engagements, measure marketing spend with real ROI, and can rapidly go-live with zero to little integration. Perx is regarded as Asia's first fully integrated AI enabled customer engagement & loyalty SaaS platform. Our configurable dashboard unifies real time customer data and interaction and empowers marketers to manage loyalty, campaigns and rewards in a much more dynamic and automated manner, producing rich analytics and real time insights on campaign performance. By gamifying the experience for end users and powered by the personalization engine that delivers smart products and offers to smart customers, businesses can see an immediate increase on conversion and retention rates. We have re-defined what next generation of loyalty means in the digital economy!


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Frequently Asked Questions about Perxtech

When was Perxtech founded?

Perxtech was founded in 2011.

Who is the CEO of Perxtech?

The CEO of Perxtech is Anna Gong

How many employees does Perxtech have?

Perxtech has 62 employees.

How much revenue does Perxtech generate?

Perxtech generates $5.0M in revenue.

How much funding does Perxtech have?

Perxtech has raised $11.1M.

Where is Perxtech headquarters?

Perxtech is headquartered at 0 0 0Singapore

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