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It’s All About Sales! A sales enablement tool, a simple, winning formula. Focus on pipeline management, sales process & analytics to maximize revenue

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15209 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles CaliforniaUnited States

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In 2018, Pipelinersales revenue run rate hit $10.5M in revenue.



Pipelinersales has 1K customers.

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Pipelinersales has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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Pipelinersales has 138 employees. They have 26 sales reps that carry a quota, an engineering team of 13 and a marketing team of 6.


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13 (9%)


26 (19%)


6 (4%)


Nikolaus Kimla

CEO and partner of pipelinersales.com and the uptime ITechnologies, which I founded in 1994 and has since played a significant role in the development of the IT-environment. pipeliner is the most innovative Sales CRM management solution on the market. pipeliner was designed by sales professionals for sales professionals and helps close the gap between the requirements of C-level executives for transparency and the day-to-day operational needs of field and inside sales. I am also the founder and Initiator of the independent economic platform GO-AHEAD!, which orientates itself on the principles of a free marketplace in terms of liberal and social responsibility. Connecting people, the trust of business leadership in terms of values such as freedom, self-responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit, and to strengthen their awareness in order to create a dynamic boost within the economy triggered through spontaneity, all stand for the initial ideas surrounding GO-AHEAD! I studied in Los Angeles and Vienna and received my Masters Degree in 1994. I am married and have 3 children Take a look on my blog too: http://www.nikolauskimla.com My Specialties are in: Sales Management, Sales Software, Cloud Solutions, SAAS, Business Strategy, Software Development, "Pipeline Management", Social responsibility, outbound sales, b2b sales, inside sales, sales strategy, lead generation, sales process, entrepreneurship, coaching, mentoring, speaker, opportunity management, lead management, Austrian School of Economics, Enterprise Technology 2.0, CRM Strategy, CRM, CRM Software,


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Frequently Asked Questions about Pipelinersales

When was Pipelinersales founded?

Pipelinersales was founded in 2011.

Who is the CEO of Pipelinersales?

The CEO of Pipelinersales is Nikolaus Kimla

How many employees does Pipelinersales have?

Pipelinersales has 138 employees.

How much revenue does Pipelinersales generate?

Pipelinersales generates $10.5M in revenue.

How much funding does Pipelinersales have?

Pipelinersales has raised $0.0.

Where is Pipelinersales headquarters?

Pipelinersales is headquartered at 15209 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles CaliforniaUnited States

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