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The Appraisal Lane

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How The Appraisal Lane hit $2.8M in Revenue.

About The Appraisal Lane

Developer of an used car trade network and communications platform. The company's platform enables dealers to upload information about vehicles they want to sell and receive a cash offer.

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AustinTexasUnited States

The Appraisal Lane Revenue

In 2021, The Appraisal Lane revenue run rate hit $2.8M in revenue.


The Appraisal Lane Valuation and Funding History

The Appraisal Lane has raised a total of $1.8M.

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The Appraisal Lane has 0 customers.

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The Appraisal Lane has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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The Appraisal Lane has 44 employees. They have 23 sales reps that carry a quota They have an engineering team of 13. and a marketing team of 4.


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13 (30%)


23 (52%)


4 (9%)


Jeff Rinser


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Frequently Asked Questions about The Appraisal Lane

When was The Appraisal Lane founded?

The Appraisal Lane was founded in 2013.

Who is the CEO of The Appraisal Lane?

The CEO of The Appraisal Lane is Jeff Rinser

How many employees does The Appraisal Lane have?

The Appraisal Lane has 44 employees.

How much revenue does The Appraisal Lane generate?

The Appraisal Lane generates $2.8M in revenue.

How much funding does The Appraisal Lane have?

The Appraisal Lane has raised $1.8M.

Where is The Appraisal Lane headquarters?

The Appraisal Lane is headquartered at AustinTexasUnited States

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