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How Unroll Me hit $82.3K in Revenue.

About Unroll Me

Provider of email subscription management services. The company offers Unroll.me, an application that lets users roll up and manage mass-email subscriptions and unsubscribe to those that have tipped into the point of being useless spam.

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Unroll Me Revenue

In 2021, Unroll Me revenue run rate hit $82.3K in revenue.


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Unroll Me has 0 customers.

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Unroll Me has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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Unroll Me has 1 employee.


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Jojo Hedaya


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Frequently Asked Questions about Unroll Me

When was Unroll Me founded?

Unroll Me was founded in 2011.

Who is the CEO of Unroll Me?

The CEO of Unroll Me is Jojo Hedaya

How many employees does Unroll Me have?

Unroll Me has 1 employee.

How much revenue does Unroll Me generate?

Unroll Me generates $82.3K in revenue.

How much funding does Unroll Me have?

Unroll Me has raised $0.0.

Where is Unroll Me headquarters?

Unroll Me is headquartered at United States

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