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Developer of an innovative web-based technology designed to maximize interdisciplinary collaboration in digital 3D model construction and management. The company's innovative web-based technology combines various 3D coordination and modelling software applications and can be used in any kind of device like desktop computer, tablet or smartphone enabling architecture, design and construction industry to get informations on a single platform and thus get benefits in decision making.

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BIM One Revenue

In 2021, BIM One revenue run rate hit $5.9M in revenue.


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BIM One has raised a total of $1.7M.

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BIM One has 69 employees.


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Jimmy Plante

Jimmy Plante is passionate about construction and technology. He is a businessman and entrepreneur with a focus on results and improving and maintaining customer satisfaction. 

He began his professional career with one of the largest steel construction companies in North America. In addition to being responsible for the IT development of BIM software such as Revit and Tekla, Plante was fortunate enough to be the Improvement Consultant. During this time, he gained a strong understanding of the different phases of construction and had the opportunity to implement strategies to reduce resistance to change. Among his many great qualities, he is especially known for his professionalism, his leadership as well as his ability to solve problems of great complexity. 

 Plante possesses a blend of expertise in business management, construction as well as software development, and this enabled him to launch and develop his own company Virtual construction and technology BIM One Inc.. BIM One is a firm specialized in technologies related to building information modeling (BIM). We are dedicated to providing custom software and technology strategy development. In addition, we offer BIM consulting and implementation services to help you adopt a lean construction and design process. SPECIALIZATION: Management, Project planning, Strategic planning, BIM, Technology, Construction Industry, Leadership, Business Development

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Frequently Asked Questions about BIM One

When was BIM One founded?

BIM One was founded in 2013.

Who is the CEO of BIM One?

The CEO of BIM One is Jimmy Plante

How many employees does BIM One have?

BIM One has 69 employees.

How much revenue does BIM One generate?

BIM One generates $5.9M in revenue.

How much funding does BIM One have?

BIM One has raised $1.7M.

Where is BIM One headquarters?

BIM One is headquartered at QuebecQuebecCanada

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