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How UncommonGood hit $411.9K in Revenue.

About UncommonGood

UncommonGood is dismantling the complexity of nonprofit marketing and fundraising, allowing nonprofits like you to be more efficient, strategic, and nimble. Through custom software and more, we provide ways for nonprofits to fundraise and engage advocates and allies. We take the most common challenges in running impact-driven organizations and give you the tools to tackle them with confidence and ease. We envision a world where tangible change is at everyone’s fingertips. We’ve learned from the obstacles inherent in the way it’s always been done and created a new paradigm.

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United States

UncommonGood Revenue

In 2021, UncommonGood revenue run rate hit $411.9K in revenue.


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UncommonGood has 0 customers.

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UncommonGood has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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UncommonGood has 5 employees.


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Frequently Asked Questions about UncommonGood

When was UncommonGood founded?

UncommonGood was founded in 2020.

Who is the CEO of UncommonGood?

The CEO of UncommonGood is

How many employees does UncommonGood have?

UncommonGood has 5 employees.

How much revenue does UncommonGood generate?

UncommonGood generates $411.9K in revenue.

How much funding does UncommonGood have?

UncommonGood has raised $0.0.

Where is UncommonGood headquarters?

UncommonGood is headquartered at United States

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