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Install Live Chat on your website and turn your visitors into paying customers with JivoChat. Easy setup, 5 agents free!|JivoChat is a business messenger to convert website visitors

Monthly Revenue


+ $83.3K (13.33%)
Total Expenses


Net Income


Ebidta Margin


YOY Growth


Rule of 40


How did Latka collect this data?

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Latka collected this data by interviewing Jivochat CEO Timur Valishev on 12/01/2020

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1261 Lincoln Avenue San JoseCaliforniaUnited States

Jivochat Revenue vs Funding



In 2020, Jivochat revenue run rate hit $8.5M in revenue.



Jivochat has 37K customers.

Lifetime Months


Monthly ARPU


Lifetime Dollars


Acquisition Cost


Average Annual Price


$0$216.05 month payback period024681012


Jivochat has an annual churn rate of 45.00%

Churn vs Expansion

Gross Annual Dollar Churn


Annual Dollar Expansion


Net Revenue Retention




Jivochat has 135 employees. They have 12 sales reps that carry a quota, an engineering team of 11 and a marketing team of 6.


Total Team Size



11 (8%)


12 (9%)


6 (4%)


Timur Valishev

My name is Tim Valishev, and I’ve been a startup CEO for 8 years during which I’ve built two profitable companies: Octoline, an IP telephony service for business focused on the Russian market, and JivoChat – a live chat for websites that helps 140k sites around the world to talk to their customers. I want to share an approach to growing the company that worked out quite well for me and I hope you’ll be able to use it in your business. Whenever the company grows and there’s a need for a new department, I step down to become the first member of the new team and do the work myself for a couple of months. Once I get a feeling of what the process looks like from the inside I start hiring and delegating. At different periods in my companies I wrote code, created interface designs in Photoshop, did the bookkeeping and accounting, supported customers in chat and by phone, managed ads on Adwords and searched for new recruits. So I’ve tried in every role for my company for some time. Of course as a CEO I had a lot of things to worry about at every moment and now we’ve hired guys that are much better than I am at every field. But despite the fact that I’m a shitty designer and my code caused some major fuck-ups along the road, I still believe that this approach was one of the reasons why we’ve been able to build a successful company with thousands of customers without outside investments. Let me try to explain why.


What's your age?


Favorite online tool?


Favorite book?

Art of war

Favorite CEO?

Elon Musk

Advice for 20 year old self

Invest more in myself

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Frequently Asked Questions about Jivochat

When was Jivochat founded?

Jivochat was founded in 2012.

Who is the CEO of Jivochat?

The CEO of Jivochat is Timur Valishev

How many employees does Jivochat have?

Jivochat has 135 employees.

How much revenue does Jivochat generate?

Jivochat generates $8.5M in revenue.

How much funding does Jivochat have?

Jivochat has raised $0.0.

Where is Jivochat headquarters?

Jivochat is headquartered at 1261 Lincoln Avenue San JoseCaliforniaUnited States

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