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How Stella Connect hit $7.9M in Revenue with 300 Customers in 2019.

About Stella Connect

Stella Connect is a customer feedback and quality management platform built specifically for customer service team

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How did Latka collect this data?

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Latka collected this data by interviewing Stella Connect CEO Jordy Leiser on 12/01/2020

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United States

Stella Connect Revenue

In 2019, Stella Connect revenue run rate hit $7.9M in revenue.


Stella Connect Valuation and Funding History

Stella Connect has raised a total of $49.9M.

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Funding DateRoundAmountTotalValuation
03/11/2019Venture Round$11.0M
07/15/2015Series C$15.0M
02/27/2013Series B$15.0M
11/02/2011Series A$5.0M
03/21/2011Series A$2.0M
12/10/2010Seed Round$1.7M
01/14/2010Seed Round$200.0K


Stella Connect has 300 customers.

Lifetime Months


Monthly ARPU


Lifetime Dollars


Acquisition Cost


Average Annual Price


$0$26.4K18 month payback period024681012141618


Stella Connect has an annual churn rate of 13.00%

Churn vs Expansion

Gross Annual Dollar Churn


Annual Dollar Expansion


Net Revenue Retention




Stella Connect has 74 employees. They have 10 sales reps that carry a quota They have an engineering team of 10. and a marketing team of 3.


Total Team Size



10 (14%)


10 (14%)


3 (4%)


Jordy Leiser

Entrepreneur and business leader. Co-Founder and CEO of Stella Connect, which was acquired by Medallia (NYSE: MDLA) in September 2020. Currently leading the growth and development of the emerging Contact Center solutions at Medallia.


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Fooled By Randomness

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Dara, Uber

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Frequently Asked Questions about Stella Connect

When was Stella Connect founded?

Stella Connect was founded in 2015.

Who is the CEO of Stella Connect?

The CEO of Stella Connect is Jordy Leiser

How many employees does Stella Connect have?

Stella Connect has 74 employees.

How much revenue does Stella Connect generate?

Stella Connect generates $7.9M in revenue.

How much funding does Stella Connect have?

Stella Connect has raised $49.9M.

Where is Stella Connect headquarters?

Stella Connect is headquartered at United States

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