Zylotech revenue hit $1.5M in 2024

Zylotech generates revenue from 15 customers


101-Main Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2142, United States

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Latka collected this data by interviewing Zylotech CEO Abhi Yadav on Oct 24, 2018

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How Zylotech hit $1.5M revenue and 15 customers in 2018.

Trusted Customer Intelligence Platform






2018 Revenue







Zylotech Revenue

In 2018, Zylotech revenue run rate hit $1.5M in revenue.

  • 2018

    Zylotech hit $1.5M in revenue in 2018

  • 2014

    Zylotech launched in 2014 with $0 revenue

Zylotech Funding History

  • 2018 Seed Round

    Zylotech raised a Seed Round of in October, 2018

  • 2017 Seed Round

    Zylotech raised a Seed Round of in December, 2017

October, 30 2018 Seed Round
December, 01 2017 Seed Round


Zylotech has 95 total employees and 4 sales reps that carry a quota. They have 15 customers an engineering team of 9 and a marketing team of 1.

Total team size 95
Engineer 9 (9%)
Sales 4 (4%)
Marketing 1 (1%)

Founder / CEO

Abhi Yadav

Abhi Yadav and Iqbal Kaur, Zylotech co-founders, recognized early on that customer data was a challenge and a critical gap in the digital world. By leveraging the cloud and advanced machine learning, they began their work at MIT where Zylotech was launched. Zylotech is a B2B customer intelligence platform that has been recognized by Gartner and other leading analyst firms as a key player in the fast-growing Customer Data Platform (CDP) space. Powered by AutoML, the company's customer data and analytics platform provides continuous information updates to improve data quality, personalization and actionable insights for marketing, sales and data operations teams.


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  • Favorite book?

    Good To Great

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    Brian Halligan

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    More team sports



Zylotech Executives

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Abhi Yadav CEO - -

Zylotech Employees

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Abhi Yadav CEO - -

Frequently Asked Questions about Zylotech

  • When was Zylotech founded?

    Zylotech was founded in 2014.

  • How much revenue does Zylotech generate?

    Zylotech generates $1.5M in revenue.

  • Who is the CEO of Zylotech

    The CEO of Zylotech is Abhi Yadav.

  • How much funding does Zylotech have?

    Zylotech raised $7.1M.

  • How many employees does Zylotech have?

    Zylotech has 95 employees.

  • Where is Zylotech headquarters?

    Zylotech is headquartered at 101-Main Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2142, United States

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