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Ever wondered how a company is doing financially while you're on their website?

GetLatka pulls up real-time data including revenue, employee headcount, and even their funding details. You'll never have to Google or go through multiple databases again—everything you need to know is displayed right before your eyes.

Tired of switching between tabs to gather information about a company you're interested in?

GetLatka is here to streamline your research. With this free Chrome Extension, all the data you need is just a click away, right on the website you're browsing.

Stay Socially Connected

Don't just stop at numbers; get a feel for the company's culture and presence. With quick links to their social media pages like LinkedIn and Twitter, you can effortlessly dive into their community engagement, recent updates, and much more.

Gain Insights Straight from the Top

What's better than hearing about a company's journey directly from its leader?

GetLatka features the latest interviews with founders and CEOs, giving you an exclusive look into their vision, challenges, and the road ahead. All this, without ever leaving the website you're on.

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