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identifies your anonymous website traffic |Anonymous website visitor identification

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+ $208.3K (166.67%)
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Latka collected this data by interviewing Getemails|GetEmails CEO Adam Robinson on 05/26/2021

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1701 Waterston Avenue Austin TexasUnited States

Getemails|GetEmails Revenue vs Funding


Getemails|GetEmails Revenue

In 2021, Getemails|GetEmails revenue run rate hit $4.0M in revenue.


Getemails|GetEmails Valuation and Funding History

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Funding DateRoundTotalValuation


Getemails|GetEmails has 750 customers.

Lifetime Months

Monthly ARPU


Lifetime Dollars

Acquisition Cost

Average Annual Price




Getemails|GetEmails has an annual churn rate of 36.00%

Churn vs Expansion

Gross Annual Dollar Churn


Annual Dollar Expansion


Net Revenue Retention




Getemails|GetEmails has 6 employees. They have 1 sales rep that carries a quota They have an engineering team of 2.


Total Team Size



2 (33%)


1 (17%)




Adam Robinson

Adam's professional life began at Lehman Brothers where he was traded credit default swaps. When he left Wall Street and conceived Robly Email Marketing, which grew to $5 million in revenue in the first 2 years and was awarded #1 in Customer Satisfaction across the entire email marketing space. After proving Robly’s viability, Adam worked to scale the business. He scrapped a few ideas until he and his team launched GetEmails in 2019. |Adam Robinson is a SaaS entrepreneur who lives in Austin, TX. After spending 10 years on Wall Street trading credit default swaps at Lehman Brothers, Adam started his first startup called Robly Email Marketing. Robly was bootstrapped, ranked #1 in customer satisfaction in 2017, the company distributed mid 7-figures and was sold for 8-figures. Adam’s current venture, GetEmails, helps its e-commerce and publishing customers identify their anonymous web traffic and retarget them over email. Adam launched GetEmails in November of 2019 and just crossed 4mm ARR with 6 full-time employees.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Getemails|GetEmails

When was Getemails|GetEmails founded?

Getemails|GetEmails was founded in 2019.

Who is the CEO of Getemails|GetEmails?

The CEO of Getemails|GetEmails is Adam Robinson

How many employees does Getemails|GetEmails have?

Getemails|GetEmails has 6 employees.

How much revenue does Getemails|GetEmails generate?

Getemails|GetEmails generates $4.0M in revenue.

How much funding does Getemails|GetEmails have?

Getemails|GetEmails has raised $0.0.

Where is Getemails|GetEmails headquarters?

Getemails|GetEmails is headquartered at 1701 Waterston Avenue Austin TexasUnited States

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