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Provides customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email


1801 California Street Denver US



SendGrid has 415 employees.


Sameer Dholakia

What is SendGrid Net Income?

-1 Q4-1 Q4-1 Q4-1 Q4-$3M-$2M-$1M-$650K$0
  • Net Income

What is SendGrid Revenue and Operating Income?

-1 Q4-1 Q4-1 Q4-1 Q4-$12M$0$13M$25M$38M
  • Total Revenue
  • Gross Profit
  • Operating Income

What is SendGrid Cash Flow?

-1 Q4-1 Q4-1 Q4-1 Q4-$3M$0$3M$6M$9M

How much Cash does SendGrid have?

-1 Q4-1 Q4-1 Q4-1 Q4$0$50M$100M$150M$200M
  • Current Cash

What is SendGrid Operating Expenses?

-1 Q4-1 Q4-1 Q4-1 Q4$0$10M$20M$30M$40M
  • Research And Development
  • General And Administrative
  • Cost of Revenue

What is SendGrid Growth?

  • Total Revenue Y/Y
  • Operating Expense Y/Y

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