Niklas Lampen


Head of Custom Connectors at Supermetrics


Im a sociable software programmerengineerarchitect with can-do attitude. I love a good challenge and my response to Is it possible is always Yes - it just might take some time. I like to be in charge and I need to be responsible. I will follow a good leader but I like to lead. I like a good plan but I enjoy just playing with things. I will give you my opinions but I will hear yours too. Im a fast learner. When I get to do something new I want to know how and why things happen. Ive been an entrepreneur since 2003. Ive been programming professionally since 2001 with PHP Python JavaScript HTML CSS APIs and I have at least basic knowledge of C C shell scripting etc. Ive also built my share of different kind of servers DNS mail hosting etc. I have eye for design and I know how to do basic stuff with Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator but Im not a graphical designer. Im married with two kids. I live in Espoo. I like to go to gym play golf and to spend time with my family. My lovely wife kicks my ass on tennis court from time to time. Specialties People skills PHP JavaScript Python MySQLMSSQL HTMLSCSSSASSCSS Fun fact I was the first ever Zend Certified PHP programmer in Finland.