Alexander Niehenke

Board Observer at Forter


Alex joined Scale in 2013 as a Principal responsible for sourcing investments in DroneDeploy and Forter. A Partner since 2017 Alex has focused on early investments in vertical software markets where incumbents have failed to invest in advanced technology offerings. That thesis has led to investments in KeepTruckin 2017 Root Insurance 2018 Scout RFP 2019 Proxy 2020 and Spruce 2020. KeepTruckin has been one of the fastest growing SaaS companies of all time Root has raised 523M in capital most recently at a 3.65B valuation and Scout RFP was acquired by Workday in late 2019 for 540M. Alex sits on the Board of Directors of KeepTruckin Proxy and Spruce. He has written about SaaS in TechCrunch and been profiled by Business Insider Forbes and Silicon Valley Business Journal.