Christophe Netillard

CEO at Phenisys


I manage Phenisys, new identity for ISIS Performance. I also take action as Consultant for customers in Rhône-Alpes area of France. We are fully dedicated to provide Expertise and Consultancy to Enterprises and Administrations on the Application Performance of their IT from the end-user experience perspective (APM/NPM/UEM). A fascinating subject on which I would be more than happy to give you details. I am currently leading Phenisys (ex-ISIS Performance) development in self-managed manner and I act myself as a senior consultant in operational missions on Application & Network Performance Management (APM), which has been my first specialty for 13 years. And more generally, my job has been the Architecture and Performance in Networks and Information Systems for 18 years. My experience covers the Engineering, Consulting, Expertise and related Services. My skills are both technical (protocols, equipment, implementation ...) and organizational (project, audit, teamwork and international contexts) with the contacts and relationships with customers in Large Enterprises. Today I'm also an Entrepreneur, with 8-years successful development of my own enterprise along with 11 people on-board today. My approach is highly oriented toward self-organizing, self-managed, evolutional organization, also called "Teal Organizations". My previous career in the France Telecom/Orange Group, gave me responsibilities in R&D innovation, engineering, project management and Customer Service in highly operational contexts (Telco), finally closer to the customer with Consulting and Presales Engineering, in the field of networking and IT business. My specialty is the Application Performance Management in enterprise IT.