Linda Woolley

CEO at Nortek Solutions Inc.


My passion has always been to find innovative ways to apply technology in business to achieve greater results. I have been designing, developing and delivering Human Resource, Timekeeping and Payroll software since 1974 when I founded High Line Data Systems Inc. In 2000, I established Nortek Solutions Inc. (now Workzoom) to help companies improve their solutions by leveraging the Internet. Over the last decade together with my son Andy, we have built an all-in-one Talent, Workforce & Payroll software platform from the ground up for the Cloud called "Workzoom". As Workzoom’s Founder, I’m immersed in the product and financial side of the company and provide essential expertise and strategic vision. Together with the Workzoom team, we’re helping our clients engage their people, enlighten their leaders and grow their businesses.