Shubham Jain

CEO at GrabOnRent


As humans, we love to talk about success. We share stories about heroics, celebrate triumphs, and reward achievements of the ones who make it big. Entrepreneurs, today, are adored for their courage to dive into uncertain waters and surprise the world with their sharp business acumen. But they too make mistakes. Many founders kill every chance of learning from their failures by not disclosing their mistakes. When Shubham revealed his errors to other CEOs, he surprisingly learned the power of vulnerability. Those CEOs shared their personal stories of failure at making hard decisions, their unsettling mental health, and how they learned from their mistakes. Shubham Jain, in his book, Make Fewer Mistakes, reveals an untold, true story that takes the readers through all those sinusoidal moments of excitement and despair in his start-up journey - beginning from making a resolve to venture out to shutting down the passionately built company, from deciding to hire the first employee to laying-off large teams at once, and from receiving the first investment cheque to losing all that money. Shubham firmly believes in preparedness for overcoming obstacles that wreak havoc during one's start-up journey and, with his book, wishes to relay the collective learnings of several entrepreneurs to the leaders of tomorrow.