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How AsiaContent hit $4.3M in Revenue.

About AsiaContent

Provider of internet consulting services. The company offers online business strategy, content and content management, e-marketing, wireless services and design or usability services. It also provides advertising services to web sites within its Asian advertising network.

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SingaporeCentral RegionSingapore

AsiaContent Revenue

In 2021, AsiaContent revenue run rate hit $4.3M in revenue.


AsiaContent Valuation and Funding History

AsiaContent has raised a total of $55.0M.

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AsiaContent has 0 customers.

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AsiaContent has 54 employees.


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Chris Justice

Chris has started and led businesses as a founder and senior executive in Asia-Pacific, Europe and MENA. As an inquisitive follower of emerging technologies, Chris understands early on how they will impact and change the ways business is conducted. He has been a leader in digital transformation since the early 90's and led several of Asia's earliest Internet businesses. Chris’ belief in distributed ledger stems from the realisation that it is a better way to secure and share data than the current paradigm of insecure centralised databases. He believes that decentralised computing will drive the next wave of productivity improvements and efficiencies, connecting IoT devices and driving cost reduction by replacing duplicative, error-prone ledgers maintained by each participant in a value chain, with single, trusted, distributed ledgers. Chris is also an independent director at London-based FinTech credit analytics company, Oktober6, the parent company of the SME credit analytics for lenders, CreditEnable. As Head of Europe & COO for Janus Capital International, Christopher was responsible for the strategic direction for Janus’ institutional and wholesale business with oversight of distribution and operations across Europe, Middle East and Africa. At Janus Henderson, he was active in the firm’s initiatives to identify financial technologies that drive innovation, lower costs and create efficiencies in asset management. Following an early career in corporate finance and venture capital where Christopher made direct investments across Asia for Hong Kong-based Morningside, a single family office, he led a number of start-ups and turnarounds in Hong Kong, China, and Southeast Asia in financial services, media, and education, for which, as CEO or Co-founder, he raised over US$125 million in venture capital and led a NASDAQ IPO.


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Frequently Asked Questions about AsiaContent

When was AsiaContent founded?

AsiaContent was founded in 1997.

Who is the CEO of AsiaContent?

The CEO of AsiaContent is Chris Justice

How many employees does AsiaContent have?

AsiaContent has 54 employees.

How much revenue does AsiaContent generate?

AsiaContent generates $4.3M in revenue.

How much funding does AsiaContent have?

AsiaContent has raised $55.0M.

Where is AsiaContent headquarters?

AsiaContent is headquartered at SingaporeCentral RegionSingapore

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