BAMMS revenue hit $1.6M in 2023

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How BAMMS hit $1.6M revenue with a 19 person team in 2021.

It is a known fact that real estate development can be very costly, but what many don't realize is that the life-cycle of a property doesn't really end when the construction is completed. As a matter of fact, it is just the beginning. Statistics have shown that in the long run, say after 10 years, the cost of maintaining a building and making sure that everything is still working, is actually much higher than the construction cost. As the person in charge of a property, the building manager is mainly responsible for managing its operations and for keeping its tenants happy, which can be very tough, especially given limited resources. But this task becomes almost unimaginable when, for whatever reason, the homeowners association or the building owners decides to cut the operational budget. When this happens, without any intervention, the situation could develop into a huge problem, in which after several years into the property's life-cycle, a number of tenants, being unhappy with the






2021 Revenue






BAMMS Revenue

In 2021, BAMMS revenue run rate hit $1.6M in revenue.

  • 2021

    BAMMS hit $1.6M in revenue in 2021

  • 2016

    BAMMS launched in 2016 with $0 revenue


BAMMS has 19 total employees.

Total team size

Founder / CEO

Jeffry Anthony

An engineer by trade turned entrepreneur by fate. A philanthropist at heart. Passionate and experienced (>10 years) in building and growing tech-enabled ventures, sometimes by transforming an unscalable conventional business into one. Currently focusing on his role as the CEO of bamms, a prop-tech that embeds digital experience intoresidential, commercial, and office buildings to create Smart, Safe, Serviceable, and Sustainable Space for property owners, tenants, and managers. On top of that, he sits as the Chairman of DVASA HOLDING, an investment holding company that envisions smart, safe, sustainable, and socially-responsible society by the means of digital transformation and technological innovation.


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BAMMS Executives

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Jeffry Anthony CEO -

BAMMS Employees

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Jeffry Anthony CEO -

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Frequently Asked Questions about BAMMS

When was BAMMS founded?

BAMMS was founded in 2016.

How much revenue does BAMMS generate?

BAMMS generates $1.6M in revenue.

Who is the CEO of BAMMS?

The CEO of BAMMS is Jeffry Anthony.

How much funding does BAMMS have?

BAMMS raised $0.

How many employees does BAMMS have?

BAMMS has 19 employees.

Where is BAMMS headquarters?

BAMMS is headquartered at Indonesia