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How EGA Futura hit $957.9K in Revenue.

About EGA Futura

EGA Futura is a SMB cloud computing company that provides business software on a subscription basis. The company is best known for its ERP and CRM solutions.EGA Futura was founded in 1994 by Juan Manuel Garrido. EGA Futura has been a pioneer in developing SMB platforms through its innovative applications.

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Buenos AiresArgentina

EGA Futura Revenue

In 2021, EGA Futura revenue run rate hit $957.9K in revenue.


EGA Futura Valuation and Funding History

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EGA Futura has 0 customers.

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EGA Futura has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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EGA Futura has 16 employees.


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Juan Manuel Garrido

He is the Founder of Ega Futura since June 1994 to present. He finishes his Education at Universidad de moron.


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Frequently Asked Questions about EGA Futura

When was EGA Futura founded?

EGA Futura was founded in 1994.

Who is the CEO of EGA Futura?

The CEO of EGA Futura is Juan Manuel Garrido

How many employees does EGA Futura have?

EGA Futura has 16 employees.

How much revenue does EGA Futura generate?

EGA Futura generates $957.9K in revenue.

How much funding does EGA Futura have?

EGA Futura has raised $0.0.

Where is EGA Futura headquarters?

EGA Futura is headquartered at Buenos AiresArgentina

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