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How Enflux hit $1.5M in Revenue.

About Enflux

Every program faces the same reality: a massive amount of data that needs to be accessible and actionable. Enflux does just that! We automate the flow of assessment data leading to increased consistency, communication, collaboration, and transparency. Enflux integrates and analyzes your data from admissions, surveys, licensing exams, testing software, and your Curriculum Map to provide an accessible view of overall program performance down to the individual student level. We display data on secure, intuitive online dashboards to empower effortless programmatic assessment and accreditation compliance. The Enflux solution covers all of your accreditation data sources with dashboards that reflect public, university, and student-level data. The Enflux solution leverages all of your Curriculum Map data with dashboards on Curriculum Effectiveness, Curriculum Gap Analysis, Categories per Item, Student Performance, Assessment Effectiveness, and Academic Advising. Contact: [email protected]

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San AntonioTexasUnited States

Enflux Revenue

In 2021, Enflux revenue run rate hit $1.5M in revenue.


Enflux Valuation and Funding History

Enflux has raised a total of $3.7M.

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Enflux has 0 customers.

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Enflux has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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Enflux has 18 employees. They have 5 sales reps that carry a quota They have an engineering team of 11. and a marketing team of 1.


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11 (61%)


5 (28%)


1 (6%)


Doug Hoang

Doug Hoang is an engineer, an entrepreneur, and a leader who believes in experiencing eureka-moments by using mobile technology. As the Chief Engineer for Power Solutions International's multi-million dollar engine program and CEO of Enflux, Doug uses his passion and know-how to implement ideas to make a difference in society. Doug has createda team at Enflux to build products that invoke eureka-moments and connects people to a deeper understanding of the world around them.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Enflux

When was Enflux founded?

Enflux was founded in 2015.

Who is the CEO of Enflux?

The CEO of Enflux is Doug Hoang

How many employees does Enflux have?

Enflux has 18 employees.

How much revenue does Enflux generate?

Enflux generates $1.5M in revenue.

How much funding does Enflux have?

Enflux has raised $3.7M.

Where is Enflux headquarters?

Enflux is headquartered at San AntonioTexasUnited States

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