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How ENpower hit $1.3M in Revenue.

About ENpower

Developer of an online learning platform intended to deliver entrepreneurship learning and education. The company's platform offers workshops and courses to teach through experiential learning methodology, enabling early teens to adopt entrepreneurship lifestyle and be encouraged to use out of box thinking.

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ENpower Revenue

In 2021, ENpower revenue run rate hit $1.3M in revenue.


ENpower Valuation and Funding History

ENpower has raised a total of $360.2K.

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ENpower has 0 customers.

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ENpower has 22 employees. They have 2 sales reps that carry a quota They have an engineering team of 7.


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Sushil Mungekar

A corporate professional turned into an education transformist, I have been a strong proponent of introducing entrepreneurship learning at the school to nurture entrepreneurial mindset & 21st century life skills among children in their most formative age. Having worked with pre teens from diverse cities & background from India and taken them through entrepreneurship life cycle in the most fun way, built a showcase platform to recognise and reward early teens to come up ideas, spoke at several forums to built a larger momentum, I am of the great belief that empowering this generation with entrepreneurial mindset will help them to be 'change drivers' of tomorrow ! My 'non-education' background, assignments in corporate strategy, M& A, leading businesses and running start ups has helped me to look at school education in the most non-conformist way. The suffocation of 'what we learnt in school didn't help us in solving real problems' and 'what we need to solve real problems was never taught us in school' led me to found ENpower, which is chalking out an exciting journey in pushing this much needed transformation. In the process of creating entrepreneurship learning ecosystem for children, we seek every bit of help, advise, support from stakeholders of school education system those believe that this transformation is due.


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Frequently Asked Questions about ENpower

When was ENpower founded?

ENpower was founded in 2015.

Who is the CEO of ENpower?

The CEO of ENpower is Sushil Mungekar

How many employees does ENpower have?

ENpower has 22 employees.

How much revenue does ENpower generate?

ENpower generates $1.3M in revenue.

How much funding does ENpower have?

ENpower has raised $360.2K.

Where is ENpower headquarters?

ENpower is headquartered at MumbaiIndia

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