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Inovaz is a digital experience design start-up focused on developing great tools for online recruitment. Projects:OVIAA web application that helps recruitment & admissions teams to dramatically reduces the time and money it takes to find the best candidates out there. It replaces the first round of screening (the time consuming phone interview or even the first round of face to face interviews) with an online video interview. OVIA gives teams an insight into a candidates personality and soft skills.FatStudentA web application that helps higher education students with the financial pressures that University brings. The solution we provide makes the process of finding a part-time job as simple as possible for students. We do this through our location based job board where we allow students to showcase their soft-skills in a 30 second video using a webcam; allowing student employers to see candidates' communication skills that are essential for the roles they perform.Additionally by focus

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In 2021, Inovaz revenue run rate hit $939.0K in revenue.



Inovaz has 0 customers.

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Inovaz has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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Inovaz has 11 employees.


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Rodrigo Martinez


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Frequently Asked Questions about Inovaz

When was Inovaz founded?

Inovaz was founded in 2010.

Who is the CEO of Inovaz?

The CEO of Inovaz is Rodrigo Martinez

How many employees does Inovaz have?

Inovaz has 11 employees.

How much revenue does Inovaz generate?

Inovaz generates $939.0K in revenue.

How much funding does Inovaz have?

Inovaz has raised $0.0.

Where is Inovaz headquarters?

Inovaz is headquartered at Mexico

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