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How JAYA Company hit $3.9M in Revenue.

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TECHNOLOGY FOR QUALITY OF LIFE We are a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs with the mentality, ability and attitude to create a future of abundance to improve the Quality of Life of people who interact with our technology. We enhance your company further, faster and accurately We offer products that help you understand the future of your business through proven methods and technology supported by Artificial Intelligence and our tactics. TIME IS EVERYTHING We give maximum VALUE to the time of the people who use our technology, focusing on making autonomous tools and promoting increasingly creative human beings. WE GOT YOUR BACK COVERED Our data scientists, engineers, mathematicians, developers, sociologist and marketers integrate the solutions that your business needs under Agile methodologies, guaranteed support and human beings with a longer lifespan.

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JAYA Company Revenue

In 2021, JAYA Company revenue run rate hit $3.9M in revenue.


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JAYA Company has 46 employees.


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Daniel Pena

Daniel is a graduate lawyer from Universidad del Rosario, with a deepening degree in Commercial Law and further studies on M&A and Corporate law from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Before joining DevSavant, Daniel worked at the Capital and Securities team at Brigard & Urrutia, one of the leading law firms in Latin America, and lead as CEO JAYA Company LLC, a software development company founder in 2018 with operations in Latinamerica and the U.S. In 2020 Daniel co-founded DevSavant with Javier Rojas, Eric Filipek, Francesco Mantica, Sebastian Blandon and Juan Jose Gaviria, a software outsourcing company that provides services exclusively to the portfolio company of Savant Growth, where he currently works as CEO. He then cofounded Ressolve, an AI startup that develops analytics algorithms for speech and text processing. He speaks for entrepreneurs and MBA students around Latin America and is currently collaborating in the drafting of an MBA study case for the Inalde Business School. He has over seven years of experience advising companies and startups from the legal, strategic, and financial perspective.


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Frequently Asked Questions about JAYA Company

When was JAYA Company founded?

JAYA Company was founded in 2018.

Who is the CEO of JAYA Company?

The CEO of JAYA Company is Daniel Pena

How many employees does JAYA Company have?

JAYA Company has 46 employees.

How much revenue does JAYA Company generate?

JAYA Company generates $3.9M in revenue.

How much funding does JAYA Company have?

JAYA Company has raised $0.0.

Where is JAYA Company headquarters?

JAYA Company is headquartered at United States

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