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How OTA Insight hit $26.5M in Revenue with 55K Customers in 2021.

About OTA Insight

Provider of a revenue management platform designed to increase revenue and profit. The company's revenue management platform provides revenue management services, business intelligence services and customer support services, enabling global hospitality industry to maximize property occupancy rates and increase revenue and profit.

Monthly Revenue


+ $1.2M (120.83%)
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United Kingdom

OTA Insight Revenue

In 2021, OTA Insight revenue run rate hit $26.5M in revenue.


OTA Insight Valuation and Funding History

OTA Insight has raised a total of $100.0M.

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Funding DateRoundAmountTotalValuation
11/18/2021Series B$80.0M
12/13/2017Series A$20.0M


OTA Insight has 55K customers.

Lifetime Months

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OTA Insight has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

Churn vs Expansion

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OTA Insight has 221 employees. They have 15 sales reps that carry a quota They have an engineering team of 24. and a marketing team of 4.


Total Team Size



24 (11%)


15 (7%)


4 (2%)


Sean Fitszpatrick


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Frequently Asked Questions about OTA Insight

When was OTA Insight founded?

OTA Insight was founded in 2012.

Who is the CEO of OTA Insight?

The CEO of OTA Insight is Sean Fitszpatrick

How many employees does OTA Insight have?

OTA Insight has 221 employees.

How much revenue does OTA Insight generate?

OTA Insight generates $26.5M in revenue.

How much funding does OTA Insight have?

OTA Insight has raised $100.0M.

Where is OTA Insight headquarters?

OTA Insight is headquartered at United Kingdom

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