Colby Greene


Colby - Greene

CEO at Ringlead


Prior to coming to RingLead, Chris founded and presided over one of the fastest growing divisions at CA Technologies—the Security and Storage Division. Chris served as Senior Vice President of the division. Chris also founded Total Defense, a cloud-based endpoint security company for consumer, SMB, and enterprise. Following his time at Total Defense, Chris served as President of Teq’s cloud-based SaaS educational platform. Teq was one of the first companies to build a robotics program for New York and New Jersey schools. Teq remains one of the largest independent educational resellers. Chris is married to his wonderful wife, Denise Hickey. Together they have two beautiful children, Lauren and Tyler. Chris is involved in many charities and is a major supporter of the National Center of Missing & Exploited Children. One of Chris’ first objectives as CEO was to create a performance-based culture and ensure that all RingLead employees are eligible for equity stake at RingLead upon meeting their expectations. Chris is a huge advocate of performance-based cultures and has successfully introduced the culture at the last three companies he lead. Chris is devoted to increasing the productivity of your company by bringing you an end-to-end, industry-leading data management solution, and world-class customer support.