Janelle Maiocco

CEO at Barn2Door


A seasoned executive with experience across B2B and B2C ecommerce, startups, food+tech, restaurant, marketplaces, vertical SaaS and integrated payments. Janelle has built her career pursuing her passions in food, agriculture, product, marketing and technology. Over the years she has consulted with a wide range of clientele, from venture-backed start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and w/ food brands, cooperatives and commissions. Janelle is an expert on go-to-market strategies, channel acquisition, brand development, digital media, sales process, product market fit and local food marketplace(s). Janelle grew up in an agricultural community and has been in the food industry for 20+ years. A trained chef / instructor and urban farmer, Janelle is a member of local / national chef associations, spent 12+ years marketing for food brands / media, wrote a nationally recognized blog for 10+ years and is a repeat Agtech entrepreneur for 8+ years running. A domain expert in startups, local food, agriculture, business, marketing and media, Janelle understands local food / farm models and opportunities. Adept in front of audiences, across teams and in the board room, Janelle is a proven leader and driven entrepreneur, willing to make the hard decisions necessary to move a business forward. Janelle is keen on executing on a disruptive business model to drive change to the greater food system by changing the game for small farms everywhere.