Kevin Marasco


Kevin - Marasco

Chief Marketing Officer at Zenefits


I love to create build scale cool stuff. I d rather talk about sales marketing than myself. But here s a few things. Me I m an energetic full-stack marketing leader with three-time 1000 growth experience at startup private public SaaS companies... working hard on 4. Im also a board advisor LP startup investor and venture advisor. My specialities disruptive technology growth strategy team building modern marketing and sales motions category and brand creation. I ve learned from 10 capital raises a fun S1 process 12 MA deals both sides and 3 successful exits. Im extremely grateful humbled and privileged for each of these opportunities. Work My current gig CMO at Zenefits. Were leveling the playing field for the other 99.7 of small businesses that are the lifeblood of our economy. Our People Operations Platform automates HR while creating a great employee experience and boosting profits. I was brought in to help pivot the company from an insurance broker to pure SaaS. Previously I was CMO at HireVue ab Carlyle Group where we grew 4000 went from 10 to 60 market share and rated Forbes 10 Most Promising Company in America. Prior to HireVue I ran brand digital marketing at Taleo ab Oracle the dominant cloud-based recruiting company. With the help of a talented team we 10Xd our market cap to 2 Billion before being acquired by Oracle. Before Taleo I ran global marketing inside sales and sales ops for Vurv ab Taleo an early leader in the recruiting space. I helped scale it from a garage to over 500 employees in 6 countries. Learning I m an accidental marketer and lifelong learner. I actually started my career as an engineer. I had a free-ride to college on an electrical engineering scholarship. Before graduating my band got a record deal w a major label. I taught myself how to code so I could build a website for promotion and media. I wanted our band to look as cool as all the bigger bands we were opening up for. Folks like Sublime Blink 182 and Less Than Jake yeah im old. I even switched my degree to marketing that sounds easy just to graduate faster and get out on tour. I later learned back-end languages java sql and built a few web apps and startups before getting into marketing. I did marketing exec ed at HBS. I love books blogs pods learning something new every day. Life When Im not working I enjoy spending time w my family ultramarathons ironmans surfing snowboarding. Much love