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About DOJO Madness

Madness is an esports startup that harnesses the power of big data to build tools and services.

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DOJO Madness Revenue

In 2020, DOJO Madness revenue run rate hit $1.4M in revenue.


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DOJO Madness has raised a total of $18.8M.

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DOJO Madness has 0 customers.

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DOJO Madness has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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DOJO Madness has 15 employees.


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Jens Hilgers

I am a serial entrepreneur with my primary interest in esports, videogames and online technologies. Having build my first videogame online tournaments, lan-events and gameserver farms as early as 1998 I'd consider myself a veteran in the Esports industry. Building companies and making ideas become reality is what I really love. Outstanding user experience, agility, transparency and sustainability are the core principles of my daily work. I am a creative thinker, problem solver and quick learner. I team up with ambitious and smart people of upright character. For 23 years now i have been building and managing international games&tech companies in Central and Eastern Europe aswell as in Asia. Since 2012 i am actively investing in and supporting selected startups in the Games&Esports space, nowadays dominantly through my Venture Fund BITKRAFT Esports Ventures. Many of the most innovative and leading assets in the Esports space have been founded or supported by myself: ESL - Largest Esports tournament production and marketing, BITKRAFT - worlds first and only Esports VC, BAYES (formerly DOJO Madness) - leading esports big data company, G2 Esports - Leading Western Esports Team, The Esports Observer - Largest Esports Business platform, - first performance nutrition brand in esports, - first and leading digital trading card game in esports.


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Frequently Asked Questions about DOJO Madness

When was DOJO Madness founded?

DOJO Madness was founded in 2014.

Who is the CEO of DOJO Madness?

The CEO of DOJO Madness is Jens Hilgers

How many employees does DOJO Madness have?

DOJO Madness has 15 employees.

How much revenue does DOJO Madness generate?

DOJO Madness generates $1.4M in revenue.

How much funding does DOJO Madness have?

DOJO Madness has raised $18.8M.

Where is DOJO Madness headquarters?

DOJO Madness is headquartered at Germany

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