Galley Solutions revenue hit $952.1K in 2023

Galley Solutions generates revenue from customers

Galley Solutions

Galley Solutions

San Diego, California, United States


How Galley Solutions hit $952.1K revenue with a 47 person team in 2021.

Developer of a data-driven software platform for commercial kitchens that helps organizations optimize their food production process with it's powerful yet simple cloud-based platform. The company's platform empowers food entrepreneurs to take control of their back-of-house operations, maximize margins and scale confidently with data-driven decisions.






2021 Revenue






Galley Solutions Revenue

In 2021, Galley Solutions revenue run rate hit $952.1K in revenue.

  • 2021

    Galley Solutions hit $952.1K in revenue in 2021

  • 2017

    Galley Solutions launched in 2017 with $0 revenue


Galley Solutions has 47 total employees.

Total team size

Founder / CEO

Ian Christopher

He is passionate about solving complex problems with simple solutions. Problem solving is his craft. He enjoy discovering new tools and refining existing ones to solve problems with software. With 5 years of software development experience, he have developed a reverence for self-documenting, well-architected, and simple code. He continue to expand on his software engineering abilities and strive to share his knowledge with teams hes apart of, enjoying equally the opportunity to mentor others as he enjoy learning. Software engineering is part technical prowess and part effective communication. In his day-to-day work, he enjoy speaking directly with stakeholders to drill down to the root problem and come up with an agile approach to incrementally building the solution. His most recent years as a member of a lean startup engineering team has taught him how to build-to-ship and increased his focus on iteratively solving complex problems with the simplest solution possible. He have enjoyed building large systems from scratch that are capable of handling an ever-changing set of requirements. He love working with smart and driven team members rallied behind a mission to change peoples' daily lives by providing healthy, responsible, and affordable food. He hope to continue working on impactful problems shoulder-to-shoulder with smart and passionate people who push him to improve.


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Galley Solutions Executives

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Ian Christopher CEO -

Galley Solutions Employees

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Ian Christopher CEO -

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Frequently Asked Questions about Galley Solutions

When was Galley Solutions founded?

Galley Solutions was founded in 2017.

How much revenue does Galley Solutions generate?

Galley Solutions generates $952.1K in revenue.

Who is the CEO of Galley Solutions?

The CEO of Galley Solutions is Ian Christopher.

How much funding does Galley Solutions have?

Galley Solutions raised $14.2M.

How many employees does Galley Solutions have?

Galley Solutions has 47 employees.

Where is Galley Solutions headquarters?

Galley Solutions is headquartered at San Diego, California, United States