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How Iceberg hit $2.5M in Revenue.

About Iceberg

Iceberg is a software platform that allows business developers to develop enterprise level software without them necessarily needing them to write any custom code. The platform was launched over two years ago and has already made several large enterprise sales in the UK and US. The initial success has not gone unnoticed with coverage from major publications like the Economist and Forrester. The company is currently in a high-growth phase, successfully building up and executing a sales pipeline but also in parallel attempting to take significant leaps in the product offering. It has just launched Iceberg 3.0 Enterprise in October 2011 which adds a completely new UI, easier process building and responsive AJAX forms on top of a developer friendly API

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Iceberg Revenue

In 2021, Iceberg revenue run rate hit $2.5M in revenue.


Iceberg Valuation and Funding History

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Iceberg has 0 customers.

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Iceberg has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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Iceberg has 30 employees.


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Vlad Martynov

Vlad is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman of Iceberg Sports Analytics, a Toronto, Canadian-based sports analytics company, which utilizes Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning technologies. Vlad is a 20-year veteran of the international tech industry. He began his career as co-founder of ERP SoftwareCompany. In four years, the firm grew into a $20+ million company with 150 employees. Vlad also served as head of Microsoft’s ISV Global Strategy and CEO of Columbus IT Partners. Vlad has been an active investor in bringing Russian software technology to North America. From 2007-2009, he served on the board of Wild Apricot, a membership software company and as President of AxxonSoft Inc., a leading developer of video surveillance software. At Yota Devices, Vlad and his team created and brought to market the always-on, dual-screen YotaPhone, a smartphone that combines a high-definition color display with a battery-saving electronic paper display.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Iceberg

When was Iceberg founded?

Iceberg was founded in 2006.

Who is the CEO of Iceberg?

The CEO of Iceberg is Vlad Martynov

How many employees does Iceberg have?

Iceberg has 30 employees.

How much revenue does Iceberg generate?

Iceberg generates $2.5M in revenue.

How much funding does Iceberg have?

Iceberg has raised $0.0.

Where is Iceberg headquarters?

Iceberg is headquartered at Ireland

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