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How RangeForce hit $9.9M in Revenue with 100 Customers in 2021.

About RangeForce

Developer of a learning platform intended to offer cyber security training and exercises.The company's platform offers networks and servers in a cloud-based simulator that simulates cyber attacks and other threats in a sandbox environment, enabling clients to carry out cyber security simulations and exercises for their IT employees.

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United States

RangeForce Revenue

In 2021, RangeForce revenue run rate hit $9.9M in revenue.


RangeForce Valuation and Funding History

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Funding DateRoundAmountTotalValuation


RangeForce has 100 customers.

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RangeForce has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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RangeForce has 118 employees. They have 33 sales reps that carry a quota They have an engineering team of 13. and a marketing team of 5.


Total Team Size



13 (11%)


33 (28%)


5 (4%)


Taavi Must


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Frequently Asked Questions about RangeForce

When was RangeForce founded?

RangeForce was founded in 2014.

Who is the CEO of RangeForce?

The CEO of RangeForce is Taavi Must

How many employees does RangeForce have?

RangeForce has 118 employees.

How much revenue does RangeForce generate?

RangeForce generates $9.9M in revenue.

How much funding does RangeForce have?

RangeForce has raised $0.0.

Where is RangeForce headquarters?

RangeForce is headquartered at United States

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