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How Softr hit $276.0K in Revenue with 300 Customers in 2021.

About Softr

Softr is the easiest no-code platform to create powerful websites & web-apps from Airtable, in 10 minutes.|Softr is an easy to use no-code platform for building powerful applications on Airtable, in 10 minutes. No learning curve, no design skills required.

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How did Latka collect this data?

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Latka collected this data by interviewing Softr CEO Mariam Hakobyan on 05/04/2021

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Softr Revenue

In 2021, Softr revenue run rate hit $276.0K in revenue.


Softr Valuation and Funding History

Softr has raised a total of $2.2M.

Why are so many SaaS founders taking money from instead of VC's?
Funding DateRoundAmountTotalValuation
05/04/2021Seed Round$2.2M$10.0M


Softr has 300 customers.

Lifetime Months

Monthly ARPU


Lifetime Dollars

Acquisition Cost


Average Annual Price


$0$948.03 month payback period024681012


Softr has an annual churn rate of 60.00%

Churn vs Expansion

Gross Annual Dollar Churn


Annual Dollar Expansion


Net Revenue Retention




Softr has 9 employees. They have an engineering team of 7.


Total Team Size



7 (78%)






Mariam Hakobyan

I'm an engineer turned into entrepreneur, a mother of two, love all things technology and products, obsessed about design and UX. Started my engineering career in my early-20s, was leading product & engineering teams in my late-20s, and now building - the easiest no-code platform for building powerful web-apps and portals from Airtable, in 10 minutes. Softr's mission is to make software building accessible to everyone! Currently, customers build online communities, marketplaces, paid online courses, resources directories, client & employee portals and more.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Softr

When was Softr founded?

Softr was founded in 2020.

Who is the CEO of Softr?

The CEO of Softr is Mariam Hakobyan

How many employees does Softr have?

Softr has 9 employees.

How much revenue does Softr generate?

Softr generates $276.0K in revenue.

How much funding does Softr have?

Softr has raised $2.2M.

Where is Softr headquarters?

Softr is headquartered at Germany

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