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How Xforceplus hit $17.7M in Revenue.

About Xforceplus

Xforceplus develops enterprise collaborative solutions of software as a service. The company provides internet-based and cloud-innovated supply chain collaboration and invoice management software encompassing supply chain settlement, real-time electronic account, tax reporting, tax analysis, electronic invoicing, and other related areas, enabling businesses to increase tax revenue, release capital vitality, and ensure financial security.|Xforceplus develops enterprise collaborative solutions for software as a service.

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Xforceplus Revenue

In 2019, Xforceplus revenue run rate hit $17.7M in revenue.


Xforceplus Valuation and Funding History

Xforceplus has raised a total of $100.0M.

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Xforceplus has 0 customers.

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Xforceplus has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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Xforceplus has 76 employees. They have 8 sales reps that carry a quota They have an engineering team of 20. and a marketing team of 1.


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20 (26%)


8 (11%)


1 (1%)


Yun Wu


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Frequently Asked Questions about Xforceplus

When was Xforceplus founded?

Xforceplus was founded in 2015.

Who is the CEO of Xforceplus?

The CEO of Xforceplus is Yun Wu

How many employees does Xforceplus have?

Xforceplus has 76 employees.

How much revenue does Xforceplus generate?

Xforceplus generates $17.7M in revenue.

How much funding does Xforceplus have?

Xforceplus has raised $100.0M.

Where is Xforceplus headquarters?

Xforceplus is headquartered at ShanghaiShanghaiChina

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