Active Network revenue hit $99.9M in 2024

Active Network generates revenue from 1000000 customers

Active Network

United States

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How Active Network hit $99.9M revenue and 1M customers in 2021.

Active Network is a global marketplace for activities and events, connecting participants and activity organizers while offering actionable business intelligence through data solutions and insights platform. The company offers organizers advanced SaaS technology that streamlines the administration of activities and events. It also offers marketing access through integrated marketing and consumer promotions that develop authentic relationships between brands and active consumers. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.






2021 Revenue







Active Network Revenue

In 2021, Active Network revenue run rate hit $99.9M in revenue.

  • 2021

    Active Network hit $99.9M in revenue in 2021

  • 1999

    Active Network launched in 1999 with $0 revenue

Active Network Funding History

  • 2009 Venture Round

    Active Network raised a Venture Round of in September, 2009

  • 2008 Series F

    Active Network raised a Series F of in September, 2008

  • 2008 Private Equity Round

    Active Network raised a Private Equity Round of in August, 2008

  • 2007 Series E

    Active Network raised a Series E of in August, 2007

  • 2006 Series D

    Active Network raised a Series D of in December, 2006

  • 2004 Series C

    Active Network raised a Series C of in October, 2004

  • 2002

    Active Network raised a of in January, 2002

  • 2000 Series C

    Active Network raised a Series C of in November, 2000

  • 1999 Series A

    Active Network raised a Series A of in September, 1999

September, 21 2009 Venture Round
September, 12 2008 Series F
August, 27 2008 Private Equity Round
August, 30 2007 Series E
December, 15 2006 Series D
October, 15 2004 Series C
January, 02 2002
November, 09 2000 Series C
September, 01 1999 Series A


Active Network has 1,189 total employees. They have 1,000,000 customers

Total team size 1.2K

Founder / CEO

Andrea Facini

Andrea Facini is President at ACTIVE Network. Attended at Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence Italy.


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Active Network Executives

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Andrea Facini CEO [email protected] -

Active Network Employees

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Andrea Facini CEO [email protected] -

Frequently Asked Questions about Active Network

  • When was Active Network founded?

    Active Network was founded in 1999.

  • How much revenue does Active Network generate?

    Active Network generates $99.9M in revenue.

  • Who is the CEO of Active Network

    The CEO of Active Network is Andrea Facini.

  • How much funding does Active Network have?

    Active Network raised $344.2M.

  • How many employees does Active Network have?

    Active Network has 1.2K employees.

  • Where is Active Network headquarters?

    Active Network is headquartered at United States

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