Dreamfactory Software revenue is $1.4 million

Dreamfactory Software team size is 16 employees


Dreamfactory Software

- Campbell, California, United States


How Dreamfactory Software hit $1.4M Revenue

Dreamfactory offers an open source & commercial REST API backend for mobile, web, and IoT applications. Our Innovative API Automation Platform literally generates the REST API: fully documented, live, secured, and standardized with API best practices in place, allowing you to connect to over 60+ data source and service with just a few simple clicks. We believe we offer a solution in the API space that is not just an incremental improvement over our competitors, but a significant leap in terms of the amount of time, headaches, and developer resources we will save you. Our platform incorporates more than a decade of deep experience involving how to securely build, deploy, and manage service-based applications in the enterprise. Dreamfactory can be installed on any server, connected to any SQL or NoSQL database, and used for developing HTML5 or native mobile applications. Our technology enables developers to build modern applications for the phone, tablet, or desktop without having to manage server-side code and complexity. - Dreamfactory has innovated beyond this technology to be able to connect to anything instantly and provide a fully reusable, standardized REST API with full documentation. You do not need to rely on the DreamFactory engineering roadmap to handle emergent technologies - we will not be a bottleneck (nor try to gouge you for Non-Recurring Engineering fees to build a new connection) for your API needs. - Dreamfactory also uses this REST API auto-generation to integrate anything almost instantly, completely on-premise, so that you can achieve complete IT environment homogenization inside a couple of months. This is achieved through the standardized way that APIs are deployed, meaning you are eliminating backend complexity for your development teams. - If RESTification is the way forward for you, DreamFactory is the fastest and most enterprise-friendly way of doing it, because you get unlimited connections with a Dreamfactory license for significantly less cost; hence, you can scale Dreamfactory across your organization in a way that SnapLogic cannot. - Dreamfactory additionally has unique API Orchestration capabilities that allow you to raise your team’s data quality through allowing you to combine data from different data sources, or combine data from different tables within the same data source, with a single API call. This capability offers a new best practice in enterprise gateways. - Finally, we have GraphQL autogeneration just around the corner and have new security updates about to be released that will make Dreamfactory the most secure API Management solution. We were built from the ground up based on the frustrations with the learning curve required for API solutions like Mulesoft and SnapLogic - and is why we have clients like McKesson (#6 on the Fortune 500 list) stating that Dreamfactory is significantly easier and cheaper than [major competitor], and wishing they found us sooner.






2022 Revenue






Dreamfactory Software Revenue

In 2022, Dreamfactory Software revenue run rate hit $1.4M in revenue.

  • 2020

    Dreamfactory Software hit $1.4M in revenue in 2020

  • 2005

    Dreamfactory Software launched in 2005 with $0 revenue


Dreamfactory Software Funding History

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  • 2014 Series C

    Dreamfactory Software raised a Series C of $4M

  • 2014 Series C

    Dreamfactory Software raised a Series C of $2M

  • 2012 Series B

    Dreamfactory Software raised a Series B of $2M

  • 2008 Series A

    Dreamfactory Software raised a Series A of $5M

  • 2006 Series A

    Dreamfactory Software raised a Series A of $5.8M

12/05/2014 Series C $4M
02/21/2014 Series C $2M
05/09/2012 Series B $2M
12/29/2008 Series A $5M
01/03/2006 Series A $5.8M


Dreamfactory Software has 16 total employees and 5 sales reps that carry a quota.

Total team size


Eric Rubin

My expertise is in enterprise software sales and business development. I was an early mover in the cloud in 1999, and helped design some of the predominant BD models for SaaS partnerships. An overview of my experience includes: Cofounder, Board Member and CEO of DreamFactory- DreamFactory offers a radically different approach to deliver HTML5 and mobile applications connected to cloud back-ends in the enterprise. I raised 13M through two rounds of venture capital and helped build a winning team. We have closed over 1,000 paying corporate accounts and counting, and have a freemium base of over 75,000 active companies. WebEx- I joined WebEx in 1999, when it was a few dozen employees. When I left WebEx it had over 2000 employees and 80% market share in web conferencing. I managed the indirect distribution channel, responsible for recruiting and pull-through revenue from ISV and Telco Partnerships. I built the indirect business from zero to 15% of total revenue. We pioneered new partner programs for service partners and managed several hundred partnerships including all the tier one Telco providers. Actional Software- I managed sales and business development for a user interface development toolkit for client-server applications. We captured the dominant share of our market (over 60%) by distribution through key OEM partners (IBM and HP), and a global network of master distributors. Actional is now a division of Progress Software. Prior to Actional I was an enterprise sales rep with expertise in Document Management, Configuration Management, and Computer Aided Design.


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Eric Rubin CEO

Frequently Asked Questions about Dreamfactory Software

When was Dreamfactory Software founded?

Dreamfactory Software was founded in 2005.

How much revenue does Dreamfactory Software generate?

Dreamfactory Software generates $1.4M in revenue.

Who is the CEO of Dreamfactory Software?

The CEO of Dreamfactory Software is Eric Rubin.

How much funding does Dreamfactory Software have?

Dreamfactory Software was raised $18.8M.

How many employees does Dreamfactory Software have?

Dreamfactory Software has raised 16 employees.

Where is Dreamfactory Software headquarters?

Dreamfactory Software headquater is at United States