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How Inka Entworks hit $845.1K in Revenue.

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Developer of digital rights management (DRM) technologies designed to contribute to the development of digital contents. The company's PallyCon application offers content security services, supporting various contents services such as online movie services and e-learning services, the other application App Sealing is a cloud-based service which help mobile game developers to prevent their codes from being copied, enabling clients to access contents services across platforms including iOS and Android smart devices.

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SeoulSouth Korea

Inka Entworks Revenue

In 2021, Inka Entworks revenue run rate hit $845.1K in revenue.


Inka Entworks Valuation and Funding History

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Inka Entworks has 0 customers.

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Inka Entworks has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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Inka Entworks has 34 employees. They have 3 sales reps that carry a quota They have an engineering team of 2. and a marketing team of 2.


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2 (6%)


3 (9%)


2 (6%)


James Sungmin Ahn

Founder and CEO of INKA Entworks, Inc. from 2000 INKA has been providing DRM technologies for 16 years and has more than 130 customers all around the world such as Samsung, LGE, Naver, CJ Media, Reliance Jio, BigFlix etc., INKA's DRM Cloud Service's DRM got security approval from leading Hollywood studios Initiated world-first DRM interoperability spec. EXIM listed as a standard in TTA and the implemented technology successfully made WMDRM to OMA2.0 interoperable Worked as a board member of Digital Media Project for standardization of DRM interoperability Specialities: Digital Rights Management, Information Security, Data Protection, Software hardening technology Successfully launched, world-first cloud mobile game service and enlarging customers from game developers and publishers


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Frequently Asked Questions about Inka Entworks

When was Inka Entworks founded?

Inka Entworks was founded in 2000.

Who is the CEO of Inka Entworks?

The CEO of Inka Entworks is James Sungmin Ahn

How many employees does Inka Entworks have?

Inka Entworks has 34 employees.

How much revenue does Inka Entworks generate?

Inka Entworks generates $845.1K in revenue.

How much funding does Inka Entworks have?

Inka Entworks has raised $0.0.

Where is Inka Entworks headquarters?

Inka Entworks is headquartered at SeoulSouth Korea

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