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About Leonteq (SWX: LEON)

Leonteq Ltd is an independent technology and service provider for investment solutions. The company acts as an outsourcing partner for a variety of services across the life cycle of structured investment products. It engineers products to serve both the buy side and sell side. Sell-side product offerings include structured investment products and unit-linked life insurance policies on the balance sheet of its platform partners. Leonteq has three distinct business lines: investment solutions, banking solutions, and insurance and wealth planning solutions. Product offerings can deliver capital protection, yield enhancement, and other capabilities. Leonteq's clients are often banking and investment institutions.

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Leonteq (SWX: LEON) Revenue vs Funding


Leonteq (SWX: LEON) Revenue

In 2021, Leonteq (SWX: LEON) revenue run rate hit $27.0M in revenue.


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Leonteq (SWX: LEON) has 0 customers.

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Leonteq (SWX: LEON) has an annual churn rate of 0.00%

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Leonteq (SWX: LEON) has 505 employees. They have 45 sales reps that carry a quota They have an engineering team of 65. and a marketing team of 1.


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65 (13%)


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Jan Schoch

Lukas Ruflin started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1998. He joined J.P. Morgan in 1999, and moved to Lehman Brothers in 2000. He joined EFG Bank/EFG International in 2004 and held various management positions at the company, including Deputy CFO from 2004 to 2007, CEO of EFG Bank in 2010 and Deputy CEO of EFG International from 2009 to 2012. He was one of Leonteq’s four founding partners in 2007. He has served as a member of Leonteq’s Board of Directors since 2009 and was Vice-Chairman from 2015 to March 2018. Lukas Ruflin was appointed CEO and a member of the Executive Committee of Leonteq in May 2018.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Leonteq (SWX: LEON)

When was Leonteq (SWX: LEON) founded?

Leonteq (SWX: LEON) was founded in 2007.

Who is the CEO of Leonteq (SWX: LEON)?

The CEO of Leonteq (SWX: LEON) is Jan Schoch

How many employees does Leonteq (SWX: LEON) have?

Leonteq (SWX: LEON) has 505 employees.

How much revenue does Leonteq (SWX: LEON) generate?

Leonteq (SWX: LEON) generates $27.0M in revenue.

How much funding does Leonteq (SWX: LEON) have?

Leonteq (SWX: LEON) has raised $0.0.

Where is Leonteq (SWX: LEON) headquarters?

Leonteq (SWX: LEON) is headquartered at ZurichSwitzerland

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