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Developer of a semantic platform intended to combine natural language processing, knowledge graph publishing and machine learning to increase the organic traffic of a website. The company provides an artificial intelligence(AI) powered search engine optimization(SEO) tool, improving the audience engagement and increase the organic traffic of a website.|Automate SEO using AI

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Latka collected this data by interviewing WordLift CEO Andrea Volpini on 05/26/2021

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WordLift Revenue vs Funding


WordLift Revenue

In 2021, WordLift revenue run rate hit $1.1M in revenue.


WordLift Valuation and Funding History

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Funding DateRoundTotalValuation


WordLift has 705 customers.

Lifetime Months


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$0$1.5K2 month payback period024681012


WordLift has an annual churn rate of 6.00%

Churn vs Expansion

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Annual Dollar Expansion


Net Revenue Retention




WordLift has 17 employees. They have 3 sales reps that carry a quota They have an engineering team of 6. and a marketing team of 2.


Total Team Size



6 (35%)


3 (18%)


2 (12%)


Andrea Volpini

Andrea Volpini is the CEO of WordLift, a visionary web entrepreneur, focusing on semantic web, artificial intelligence and SEO. WordLift is a semantic platform for online content developed by working at the intersection between semantic technologies, natural language processing, and search engine optimization. Andrea has 20+ years of world-class experience in online strategies and web publishing.


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Frequently Asked Questions about WordLift

When was WordLift founded?

WordLift was founded in 2017.

Who is the CEO of WordLift?

The CEO of WordLift is Andrea Volpini

How many employees does WordLift have?

WordLift has 17 employees.

How much revenue does WordLift generate?

WordLift generates $1.1M in revenue.

How much funding does WordLift have?

WordLift has raised $0.0.

Where is WordLift headquarters?

WordLift is headquartered at Italy

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