Zerto revenue hit $114.4M in 2024

Zerto generates revenue from 8000 customers


Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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How Zerto hit $114.4M revenue and 8K customers in 2018.

Developer of disaster recovery technology platform intended to eliminate the risk and complexity of modernization and cloud adoption. The company's disaster recovery technology platform provides enterprise-class disaster recovery and business continuity services specifically for virtualized data centers and cloud environments, enabling customers like virtualized data centers and cloud environments to get virtual infrastructures of data, as opposed to the physical storage arrays.






2018 Revenue







Zerto Revenue

In 2018, Zerto revenue run rate hit $114.4M in revenue.

  • 2018

    Zerto hit $114.4M in revenue in 2018

  • 2017

    Zerto hit $84M in revenue in 2017

  • 2009

    Zerto launched in 2009 with $0 revenue

Zerto Funding History

  • 2020

    Zerto raised a of in June, 2020

  • 2016

    Zerto raised a of in June, 2016

  • 2016

    Zerto raised a of in January, 2016

  • 2014

    Zerto raised a of in June, 2014

  • 2013

    Zerto raised a of in April, 2013

  • 2011

    Zerto raised a of in August, 2011

  • 2010

    Zerto raised a of in May, 2010

June, 18 2020
June, 21 2016
January, 13 2016
June, 18 2014
April, 04 2013
August, 15 2011
May, 25 2010


Zerto has 558 total employees and 55 sales reps that carry a quota. They have 8,000 customers an engineering team of 178 and a marketing team of 13.

Total team size 558
Engineer 178 (32%)
Sales 55 (10%)
Marketing 13 (2%)



Zerto Employees

Frequently Asked Questions about Zerto

  • When was Zerto founded?

    Zerto was founded in 2009.

  • How much revenue does Zerto generate?

    Zerto generates $114.4M in revenue.

  • How much funding does Zerto have?

    Zerto raised $163M.

  • How many employees does Zerto have?

    Zerto has 558 employees.

  • Where is Zerto headquarters?

    Zerto is headquartered at Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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