Highspot revenue hit $60M in 2024

Highspot generates revenue from 300 customers


2211 Elliott Ave, Seattle, Washington, 98121, United States

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Latka collected this data by interviewing Highspot CEO Robert Wahbe on Nov 20, 2019

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How Highspot hit $60M revenue and 300 customers in 2020.

Highspot is a sales enablement platform that helps sales teams to improve their productivity and effectiveness. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Highspot's platform provides sales teams with tools for content management, sales training, and analytics, allowing them to find, customize, and share relevant content with their prospects and customers. The platform also integrates with popular CRM and marketing automation systems, enabling sales teams to seamlessly move through the sales process. Highspot's customers include companies of various sizes and industries, and the company has been recognized for its innovative solutions and customer success.






2020 Revenue







Highspot Revenue

In 2020, Highspot revenue run rate hit $60M in revenue.

  • 2020

    Highspot hit $60M in revenue in 2020

  • 2019

    Highspot hit $36M in revenue in 2019

  • 2014

    Highspot hit $9M in revenue in 2014

  • 2012

    Highspot launched in 2012 with $0 revenue

Highspot Funding History

  • 2022 Series F

    Highspot raised a Series F of in January, 2022

  • 2021 Series E

    Highspot raised a Series E of in February, 2021

  • 2019 Series D

    Highspot raised a Series D of in November, 2019

  • 2019 Series D

    Highspot raised a Series D of in June, 2019

  • 2018 Series C

    Highspot raised a Series C of in September, 2018

  • 2017 Series B

    Highspot raised a Series B of in June, 2017

  • 2014 Series A

    Highspot raised a Series A of in October, 2014

  • 2013 Convertible Note

    Highspot raised a Convertible Note of in May, 2013

  • 2013 Debt Financing

    Highspot raised a Debt Financing of in May, 2013

January, 13 2022 Series F
February, 18 2021 Series E
November, 20 2019 Series D
June, 04 2019 Series D
September, 21 2018 Series C
June, 09 2017 Series B
October, 24 2014 Series A
May, 22 2013 Convertible Note
May, 21 2013 Debt Financing


Highspot has 974 total employees and 221 sales reps that carry a quota. They have 300 customers an engineering team of 193 and a marketing team of 28.

Total team size 974
Engineer 193 (20%)
Sales 221 (23%)
Marketing 28 (3%)

Founder / CEO

Robert Wahbe

Highspot provides sales enablement software that improves the way companies engage with customers. Using Highspot sales teams are connected to the most relevant content for each situation have flexible ways to present content to customers and gain real-time visibility into whether customers find the content engaging. Advanced analytics lets marketing and sales understand how content is performing across the sales cycle and provides actionable insights so pitches and content can be optimized. By closing the loop across marketing sales and customers Highspot uniquely delivers insights that help companies engage more effectively with customers driving increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Request a demo and see Highspot in action at httphighspot.com and follow us at highspot.


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Highspot Executives

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Robert Wahbe Chief Executive Officer [email protected] [email protected]
Ben Maouhoub Account Executive [email protected] -
Kiara Hancock Executive Assistant [email protected] [email protected]

Highspot Employees

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Robert Wahbe Chief Executive Officer [email protected] [email protected]
Oliver Sharp Co-founder, Chief Solution Architect [email protected] [email protected]
Matt Garratt Investor [email protected] [email protected]
Maria Terekhina Frontend Software Engineer [email protected] -
Patrick Kirchgassner Senior Product Manager - [email protected]
Ben Maouhoub Account Executive [email protected] -
Rajeev Dham Investor - [email protected]
Josh Satterlee Revenue Enablement Specialist [email protected] -
Chris Larson Chief Financial Officer [email protected] [email protected]
Chelsea Reyes Senior Product Design Manager [email protected] [email protected]
Genevieve Sarmiento Engineering Manager [email protected] -
Adam Alfi Investor - [email protected]
David Wortendyke Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer [email protected] -
Peter Oehlert Chief Security Officer [email protected] [email protected]
Nathan Hart Investor Growth Equity Professiona - -
Roman Kristl Sales Engineer [email protected] [email protected]
Kiara Hancock Executive Assistant [email protected] [email protected]
Jon Perera Chief Marketing Officer [email protected] [email protected]
Matthew Jacobson Lead Investor Series D - [email protected]
Austin Johnson Customer Services Manager [email protected] -
Will Griffith Investor - [email protected]
Doris Nester Creative Director - [email protected]

Highspot Board of Directors

Name Position Working Email Personal Email
Doug Pepper Board Member [email protected] [email protected]
Kyle Poyar Board Observer - [email protected]
Tracey Newell Board Member - [email protected]
Elisa La Cava Board Observer - [email protected]
Blake Bartlett Board Member - [email protected]
Adam Blitzer Board Observer - [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions about Highspot

  • When was Highspot founded?

    Highspot was founded in 2012.

  • How much revenue does Highspot generate?

    Highspot generates $60M in revenue.

  • Who is the CEO of Highspot

    The CEO of Highspot is Robert Wahbe.

  • How much funding does Highspot have?

    Highspot raised $644.9M.

  • How many employees does Highspot have?

    Highspot has 974 employees.

  • Where is Highspot headquarters?

    Highspot is headquartered at 2211 Elliott Ave, Seattle, Washington, 98121, United States

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