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Name Revenue Funding Cash flow (/M) Founder Team Size Age(yrs) Location Industry As of
Even 57435United KingdomConsulting Software1986
EvenJingli Yang33528United States1993
$33.6M$8.0MEvenKarl Jaeger37328United States1995
Even 6624CanadaSaaS Software1999
EvenAlex Collevecchio627United States1999
EvenGary Vernhoff3223United States1999
Even 122United States3D Printing Software2000
EvenMark Botticelli32027United States2000
EvenCarlos Cashman923United StatesCommercial Software2000
EvenGeorge Baldonado432United States2000
EvenJoe Schick32632United States2000
EvenTed Smith9242United States2000
$1.0M$8.0MEvenLarry Harris2221United KingdomE-Commerce Software2000
$1.3M$17.0MEvenKathy Estes1425United States2000
EvenThomas McGrew16937United States2000
$1.2M$13.5MEvenRyan Miller4623United StatesEnterprise Software Software2000
$24.6M$8.2MEvenDavid Szostak27321United States2000
EvenJohn Collins2026United States2000
EvenKenneth Bartee10K53United States2002
EvenWallace Wallace4134United States2002
$3.3M$250.0KEvenRick Pizzoli6218United KingdomCloud Computing Software2003
EvenFazal Majid3921United StatesA/B Testing Software2003
EvenDavid S.3317United StatesCollaboration Software2004
EvenRichard Stedham4845United States2004
$40.7M$22.0MEvenRichard Lee45219United States2004
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